Heye, I'm Mex and I'm your future "New Media Specialist".

Do you want to save thousands of dollars on marketing and content production?

"Helping Creators build Businesses and making their Viewers Smile" - Mex Raymakers, CEO

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Worked with:


Creator Product Testing Program


Project Managing / Head of Post Production

Dutch Police

Social Media Consulting / Youth Advisory Council

David JP Phillips

Workflow Consulting / Graphics Design

"Elite Tier Video-Editing." - KWEBBELKOP


Is your company looking for High Quality, Affordable Social Media Content that converts anyone into lifelong customers? We can do just that and even more with Content custom-made for your Social Media pages.

Specialised in Creative Project Management we can be the .. between creatives and the business side of your project. A lot of project managers lack an understanding of what it actualy takes to complete assigned work which leads to miscommunication or even delayed work. Let's make sure that doesn't happen..

Time to enter the

In this 1 hour Interactive Workshop we are going to create our own viral content campaign and grow.

If you are not Creating you are not ..

That's why we provide easy to understand and interactive workshops on Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Workflow management.

Both In Person and Online workshops are available.

Being a creator is often a 1 man show, That can lead to a lot of time spend on tasks you could use some help with.

YouTube thumbnails are the most Important variable in the success of your video's. This is also why mastering the art of creating eye catching thumbnails is so hard. Not only does a Professional Thumbnail Artist need a big design skillset having knowledge of the psychology behind eye catching thumbnails is even more important. That's where I come in!



Turning Customers into SUPER FANS!

Let's Go Viral!

Interactive Workshops

Creator Coaching



It doesn't matter if you are a Company with 100ths of employee or a Creator just starting out having someone set you up with all the important knowledge you need to grow bigger is always worth the investment.

"Online content with a human touch."

Why Me?

Pssstt.. I got a secret to tell you.. Social Media Content is actually not that difficult nor should it cost your business thousands of dollars a month for basic quality.

But HOW? You might not know it but many social media agencies use sites like fiverr or upwork to outsource the work you are paying them for..

We know you deserve better so we don't Out Source, Instead me and my team use our own passion and expert knowledge to create fast effective content and build a strong relationship. This speeds up turn around times by 10x which gets you more customers faster and allows us to charge you less while delivering higher quality work.

What allows us to Deliver this high quality work is that we are honest and want

I'm not going to act like I'm a big agency and have hunderds of employees.

But what I'm going to give you is straight up value. You will always be in contact with me and learn straight from me.

Looking for results like these?

- A YouTube Marketing client I worked with.

"Online content with a human touch."

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"Online content with a human touch."