I’m Mex Raymakers

"If you are looking to elevate the production of your online content you are at the right place."

I've been working with YouTube / Social Media content for 7+ years now and I am passionate about improving audience engagement with your content. Over the past year's I have been building my Editing, Designing and SEO skillset for YOU!

What makes me different is that I am not only studying design, I have also been exploring the psychology behind online content.


In the age of online content you need an editor who understands what your audience wants to see and what keeps them watching. That's where I come in!

Gaming Videos:

Reaction videos:

Thumbnail designs:

YouTube thumbnails are the most Important variable in the success of your video's. This is also why mastering the art of creating eye catching thumbnails is so hard. Not only does a Professional Thumbnail Artist need a big design skillset having knowledge of the psychology behind eye catching thumbnails is even more important. That's where I come in!

I’m always open to hearing about new partnerships.